Helena Producciones Workshop/Video Production: LOOP

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Tuesday, December 04, 2012, 6:00 p.m.

Galeria de la Raza2857 24th StreetSan Francisco

The artist collective Helena Producciones, based in Cali, Colombia, brings their ongoing television and video project, LOOP, to the Bay Area. In a four-day workshop, Bay Area artist Juan Luna-Avin, Paz de la Calzada, Sofia Cordova, Ana Teresa Fernandez, Aimee Friberg, John Jota Leanos, and Sergio de la Torre will collaborate with five members of Helena Producciones — Wilson Díaz, Claudia Patricia Sarria-Macías, Ana María Millán, Andres Sandoval Alba, and Gustavo Racines — to explore TV as an artistic medium. Each participant will develop a video of approximately eight minutes that will speak to the relations between TV and the visual arts. Originally a subversive variety-like show that introduced artists and bands via a university station, LOOP in San Francisco takes the Mission District as a backdrop and point of departure to define new contents and outcomes for the workshop. The completed videos will be available for viewing online. A launch viewing and presentation of the projects will take place at Galeria de la Raza on December 4, 2012.

In addition to LOOP, Helena Producciones organizes both the Festival de Performance de Cali and La Escuela Movil de Saberes y Practica Social (the Traveling School of Knowledge and Social Practice), each a platform for experimentation, collaboration, and exchange among communities within and outside of the art world. The different activities of the group propose sustainable models for which knowledge and creativity are used as critical and radical tools of intervention.

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