Artists Gallery Fort Mason

How the Light Gets In: Bay Area Photo,Pauletta Chanco: Living on Shifting Sands

Saturday, July 19, 2014, 3:00 p.m.

SFMOMA Artists Gallery at Fort Mason

  • Susan Hyde Greene, After the Storm, 2014; photo courtesy the artist
  • John Martin, Flash Dancer, 2007; photo courtesy the artist
  • Ari Salomon, Motion Study #8848 (The Red Line), 2010; photo courtesy the artist
  • Mark Jaremko, City Fog, 2008; photo courtesy the artist
  • Tara Gill, Family Patterns, 2014; photo courtesy the artist
  • Kirk Crippens, Portraitlandia: Mary Kozlov, 2013; photo courtesy the artist
  • Pauletta Chanco, Dancing in the Midst of Sorrow, 2014; photo: Maia Nichols
  • Pauletta Chanco, Secrets of the Joy Within, 2014; photo: Maia Nichols
  • Pauletta Chanco, Breathing into Sadness, 2014; photo: Maia Nichols

How the Light Gets In features the work of Bay Area photographers Susan Hyde Greene, John Martin, Ari Salomon, Mark Jaremko, Tara Gill, Kirk Crippens, and Alan Ostreicher. Just how the light "gets in" — what lens, camera, and aperture, or how long the exposure — is central to the creation of the photographic image, whether digital or film. These seven artists use a range of techniques to allow light in, manipulating image exposure and printed product in a variety of ways and to various effect. Viewers will see backlit transparencies, images manipulated in Photoshop, photographs printed on fabric, and prints that have been cut up and reassembled.

Living on Shifting Sands showcases painter Pauletta Chanco's recent abstract work. The artist talks about this series as a response to living with a terminal diagnosis. Both the practice of her art and the visual results acknowledge that all any of us can do is to live in the moment, appreciating each one as it arises. Chanco chooses to spend moments creating beauty and breathing life into what was never there before. The poignancy of these creative moments is for her the most amazing gift of all.