Mirang Wonne, Jenn Shifflet, Kathryn St. Clair

Thursday, January 13, 2011, 5:30 p.m.

Artists Gallery at Fort Mason

We feature three Bay Area artists who observe the world around us but interpret it using very different media. Mirang Wonne creates drawings on stainless-steel mesh by burning the surface with a torch. The silver-colored metal surfaces, with colorful acrylic paintings just below it, bear some resemblance to Asian calligraphy and brush painting created on long paper scrolls. She favors motifs from nature and has developed her own style of execution that distinguishes the work.

East Bay artist Jenn Shifflet's work could also be compared to Asian art, but with a decidedly Pop art twist. Her rich and developed palette and her interest in a very contemporary kind of line make the paintings fresh and irresistible.

Kathryn St. Clair also looks at the landscape, rendering it in colors that both convince and soothe the eye. She is adept at spotting idyllic scenes that are abundant near her home in Marin County.