New Work: Lucy McKenzie

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Alison Gass, assistant curator, painting and sculpture, SFMOMA
Beca Lipscombe, fashion designer
Lucy McKenzie, artist

In her New Work exhibition, Glasgow-born and Brussels-based artist McKenzie recreates the Art Nouveau interiors of her home city’s late-19th-century architecture on large-scale canvases, erecting three-dimensional enclosures – like stage sets – within the gallery. Underscoring McKenzie’s interest in design, theatricality, and architecture, the exhibition also includes a “sublet” of gallery space to McKenzie’s peer, Scottish fashion designer Lipscombe, who will exhibit her fall clothing line in one of the constructed rooms within the gallery. Exhibition curator Gass leads this examination of McKenzie’s work, collaborative projects, and interest in the intersections of commercialism, art, and fashion. We then turn to the galleries, where McKenzie will introduce her New Work installation and Lipscombe will make her clothing line available for sale-for one night only!