New World Order: Habitation

Thursday, October 15, 2009, 5:30 p.m.

Artists Gallery at Fort Mason

New World Order is a series of five exhibitions held in the Loft Gallery. In each presentation, the artists explore the rapidly changing world through artworks with social, political, and ecological contexts.

In this segment, four artists envision the places we inhabit. Patricia Neal's paintings depict familiar places and the natural environment while Seza Bali's photos reveal interior spaces with surprise and humor. Robert Larson ventures on foot off the beaten path in search of traces and clues left behind by society, communities and the individual. What he finds in the detritus left behind by temporary habitation is revealing and reflective of current and past methods of living. Nadim Sabella's work imagines a future world transformed by climate change, where boats are run aground in waterless basins and the famous Bay Area fog is perpetual.