Printmaking at the Heart of the Creative Process

Tuesday, February 23, 2010, 12:00 p.m.

The Schwab Room

Many prominent artists consider printmaking to be an integral part of their creative output. Not simply a way of making their work more accessible to collectors, working with a fine art press allows artists to explore a whole new set of possibilities for their work. There is a long tradition of printmaking in the Bay Area, with more than a dozen local fine art presses ranging from those focused on traditional methods such as etching to those specializing in newer digital techniques. This select panel will explore the relationship between the artist and the fine art press, the shifts in contemporary print practice, and what makes prints so special.


Kathan Brown, founder, Crown Point Press
Laura Owens, artist
Griff Williams, owner, Gallery 16/Urban Digital Color
Darren Waterston, artist
Moderator: Janet Bishop, curator of painting and sculpture, SFMOMA

Image: Kathan Brown with Richard Diebenkorn, 1980; photo: Leo Holub