Real and True: Janet Delaney, Rachel Kline, James Torlakson, Kendall Waldman

Saturday, September 08, 2012, 1:00 p.m.

Artists Gallery at Fort Mason

Real and True is an exhibition of new works by Janet Delaney, Rachel Kline, James Torlakson, and Kendall Waldman. New works in two artistic mediums — painting and photography — explore everyday subject matter and provide the opportunity to question the nature of representation as well as the notion of the image as a correspondent of what we take to be true.

Photographer Janet Delaney will show 10 images from two series shot in color on a 2011 trip to India and China, countries that are both rooted in the past and speeding towards the future. Rachel Kline's recent oil paintings depict vacationers she encountered in the Western states and are part of an ongoing series where she records people in "unselfconscious moments." Torlakson will show several oil paintings in the style of photo-based realism on the subject of "everyday America," including a recent large work depicting his children trick-or-treating. Photographer Kendall Waldman will show half a dozen color photographs taken on her journeys through small towns in America.

Image: James Torlakson, Halloween, 2012; photo: courtesy the artist