Devon Lach; courtesy Drew Altizer Photography
Performance All Ages

Chris Kallmyer: A Paradise Choir

Saturdays and Sundays, July 2–24, 2016

Performance All Ages invites you and your family to take part in A Paradise Choir, a new work by artist Chris Kallmyer. In a series of weekend workshops and drop-in gallery activations, Bay Area musicians and museum visitors form communal choirs dedicated to reckless noisemaking and careful listening. These weekly gatherings set the stage for the full orchestration of A Paradise Choir on Free Family Day. During this daylong sonic installation, join in and discover mobile choruses, site-specific performances, and the museum remade into multiple music halls.

Performance All Ages brings newly commissioned, participatory artworks to intergenerational audiences and facilitates direct engagement with artists through workshops, gallery activations, and live performances. Three artists join SFMOMA for monthlong residencies each year, and upcoming projects include Lucky Dragons in October and Cloud Eye Control in April 2017.

Header image: Devon Lach; courtesy Drew Altizer Photography

Artist Chris Kallmyer reflects on the notion of paradise and how it informed his new work, A Paradise Choir. The work was the inaugural presentation of SFMOMA’s Performance All Ages series, which brings new, participatory artworks to intergenerational audiences.

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