Henri Verneuil, The Sicilian Clan, 1969 (still); image: courtesy Twentieth Century Fox/Photofest


The Sicilian Clan

Sunday, July 30, 2017

7 p.m.

“French sex symbol Alain Delon portrays an escaped fugitive taken in by a Sicilian crime boss (Jean Gabin). Delon offers the gang a plan he learned in prison for a daring diamond heist, which they set in motion despite the relentless pursuit of a dogged detective (Lino Ventura). The real pitfall, however, is Delon’s play for the boss’ sexy daughter-in-law. Gallic testosterone runs amok in this high-flying thriller, enhanced in no small measure by Ennio Morricone’s evocative score.”
— SIFF Noir City

“Verneuil’s technical prowess really shines through in the film’s major set pieces: Sartet’s opening escape from a police van, the tense standoff that ensues when Le Goff traps Sartet in a hooker’s hotel room, and the climactic hijacking sequence.”
— Budd Wilkins, Slant

Film Details

Country: France
Language: French

Year: 1969

Running time: 124 min

Format: DCP

Director: Henri Verneuil
Cinematographer: Henri Decaë
Editor: Pierre Gillette
Print Source: Criterion Pictures

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