Custom Built

A Twenty-Year Survey of Work by Allan Wexler

March 30-June 24, 2001

Allan Wexler is — among other things — a sculptor, an architect, an installation artist and a maker of ritual objects. Custom Built is the first major museum exhibition dedicated to his work.

Function is the subject, not the object, of Wexler's work. His furniture is site-specific and his structures are portable. Wexler examines the structures of daily life, often exposing the human behaviors underlying commonplace rituals. His working methods combine an impulsive deliberateness with an ad hoc sensibility, creating projects with self-imposed parameters that express a conceptual and aesthetic resourcefulness.

Custom Built: A Twenty-Year Survey of Work by Allan Wexler is organized by the Atlanta College of Art and the City Gallery of Chastain. The exhibition and catalogue are made possible in part by The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts, the Georgia Council for the Arts, the Fulton County Commission under the guidance of the Fulton County Arts Council, and the City of Atlanta Bureau of Cultural Affairs. The San Francisco presentation is generously supported by Equity Office Properties Trust.

All works are collection of the artist, courtesy of Ronald Feldman Fine Arts, Inc., New York.

Wexler, chair and paintings of four chairs from above

Allan Wexler, Chairs, 1998; collection of the artist