Postmodern Media Nam June Paik, Dara Birnbaum, and General Idea

May 9–September 16, 1997

Postmodernism cracks open the shell of accepted formal narratives, disrupting the privileged position of meaning and reflecting on the devices the artist uses. Suggesting a multiplicity of possible interpretations, postmodernism bridges the gaps between elite and popular cultures by acknowledging difference and otherness. Media art as a postmodern medium has the potential to shift the viewer's perceptions of meaning, and to raise questions about the fundamental precepts of our world. Nam June Paik's Digital Merce (1988), Dara Birnbaum's PM Magazine (1982), and General Idea's Cornucopia (1983) — presented in the exhibition Disrupture: Postmodern Media — examine the position of the viewer in relation to the media, notably television, and critique the topics and images reflected by popular culture through the medium in which the artists choose to work.

Color photograph of an old TV, Paik

Nam June Paik, Digital Merce, 1988; photo: Carl Solway Gallery