January 01, 2001 - January 01, 2002

e.space was created to explore new art forms that exist only on the web. These commissioned online projects explore new forms of storytelling — taking a fresh look at what constitutes an exhibition — within the unique space of the personal computer screen.

Major support for e.space has been generously provided by the James Family Foundation.

  • plane and numbers on red background
    Erik Adigard / m.a.d. (with Dave Thau), Timelocator (detail), 2001
  • woman face with red eyes
    Lynn Hershman, Agent Ruby (detail), 2001
  • world of awe internet typeface with mountain background
    Yael Kanarek, World of Awe, Chapter 2 (detail), 2001
  • graffiti wall with two telephone booths
    Mark Napier, Feed (detail), 2001
  • computer screen Yahoo internet browser
    Thompson & Craighead, e-poltergeist (detail), 2001
  • digital image land and trees in water
    Matthew Ritchie, The New Place (detail), 2001
  • digital still textured skin and green numbers
    Julia Scher, Predictive Engineering 2 (detail), 1998