Full Moon

Apollo Mission Photographs of the Lunar Landscape

August 20, 1999 - January 11, 2000

Spectacular, rarely seen scientific images charting the American exploration of the moon have been chosen for their high aesthetic achievement and will be presented in the upcoming exhibition Full Moon: Apollo Mission Photographs of the Lunar Landscape.

The Apollo missions of 1967 to 1972 made an indelible impression on all who witnessed them from afar; a small number of universally recognized images taken on these missions have become icons of the twentieth century. Over the last four years, San Francisco-based photographic artist Michael Light gained unprecedented access to the film masters from the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) archive of 32,000 Apollo photographs, from which he chose a small number for this exhibition.

Apollo 15 space image

James Irwin, Apollo 15, Mile-wide 1000-foot deep Hadley Rille, thought to be an Ancient Volcanic Lava Tube, July 26-August 7, 1971; image courtesy NASA; digital scan and print: Michael Light