New Work

Zilvinas Kempinas, Alyson Shotz, Mary Temple

August 01-November 04, 2008

Working in distinct styles and media, Zilvinas Kempinas, Alyson Shotz, and Mary Temple explore the transformative properties of light, underscoring its ability to inform our perception of space. Temple's installation casts trompe l'oeil shadows from nonexistent windows across the gallery walls and floor, dramatically affecting our spatial experience. Shotz strings clear beads onto wires to create large, abstract sculptures that hang like drawings in space; light refracted by the beads alters our perception of the object, lending it an ephemeral quality. Kempinas works with videotape, unraveling it from the cassette and reassembling it in sculptural form, the tape reflecting light and casting shadows in the space around it.

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The New Work series is organized by the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art and is generously supported by Collectors Forum, the founding patron of the series. Major funding is also provided by the Mimi and Peter Haas Fund, Nancy and Steven H. Oliver, and Robin Wright.

  • Mary Temple, shadow of branches and flowers on white walls and hardwood floor
    Mary Temple, 23.5 (Autumn), from the series Light Installations, 2002-present; 2008; Latex paint on existing architecture, hardwood planks, wood stain, and varnish; Courtesy the artist and Mixed Greens Gallery, New York; Mary Temple
  • Alyson Shotz, The Structure of Light, 2008; Courtesy the artist and Derek Eller Gallery; Alyson Shotz
  • Zilvinas Kempina, Link, 2008; Videotape; Courtesy the artist and Spencer; Brownstone Gallery, New York; Zilvinas Kempinas