New Work

Richard Aldrich

November 18, 2011 - April 04, 2012

The latest installation in our New Work series brings together an array of paintings by New York-based artist Richard Aldrich. Aldrich revels in the possibilities of painting, using its fundamental elements — canvas, stretcher bars, and paint — to interrogate and celebrate the intellectual and sensual conundrums of the medium. Deeply aware of the historical precedents of abstract painting, Aldrich continues to reinvent painting as a vital medium for contemporary art.

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The New Work series is organized by the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art and is generously supported by Collectors Forum, the founding patron of the series. Major funding is also provided by Robin Wright and Ian Reeves.

  • Richard Aldrich, Untitled
    Richard Aldrich, Untitled, 2008; private collection, New York; Richard Aldrich
  • Aldrich, Reality Painting #1
    Richard Aldrich, Reality Painting #1 (my apartment), 2009; Ovitz Family Collection; Richard Aldrich
  • Aldrich, abstract painting with two red and two yellow shapes
    Richard Aldrich, Untitled, 2011; Collection of JK Brown and Eric Diefenbach; Richard Aldrich
  • Richard Aldrich, Untitled
    Richard Aldrich, Untitled, 2010; oil, wax, graphite and collage on linen; courtesy Bortolami Gallery; Richard Aldrich