Paul Strand

Circa 1916

June 19-September 15, 1998

Approximately sixty rare photographs made in and around the decisive year 1916 by modernist master Paul Strand (1890 - 1976) will be presented in this exhibition. Paul Strand: Circa 1916 explores a moment in the artist's career when he broke away from the soft-focus aestheticism of his early pictorialist style to invent a distinctive modernist approach that in many ways anticipated certain stylistic developments in Europe. The exhibition demonstrates Strand's hallmark contributions to the evolution of fine art photography through his geometric street scenes, abstract still lifes, and working-class portraits, putting into context for the first time in a museum setting such well-known masterpieces as Wall Street (1915); Blind (1916); and The White Fence (1916).

All images: ©1998, Paul Strand Archive, Aperture Foundation, Inc.

paul strand photograph of blind woman

Paul Strand, Blind, 1916; collection The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, Alfred Stieglitz Collection, 1933