Facility Rental FAQ

Have a question about facility rentals at SFMOMA? Find the answers to the most frequently asked questions below.

What is the size of SFMOMA’s smallest rentable space?

The museum’s smallest rentable space is 3,000 square feet and is ideal for groups of 100–200. The museum does not have smaller meeting rooms available to rent.

How do we check availability or place a hold on a date?

Please contact the Facility Rentals Department at 415.915.1777 or fill out the online inquiry form.

How long can I place a hold on a date?

We can place a tentative hold on a date for up to three weeks. During this time, another group can challenge your hold by paying a percentage of the rental fee. If another group challenges your hold, we will contact you via phone and email, and you will have 48 hours to book the date. If you do not book the date, we will release your hold.

How do I challenge a hold?

In order to challenge a hold, a payment of 50% of the estimated rental fee must be submitted to the Facility Rentals Department. The payment acts as a deposit for a specific date. Once the payment has been received, the holding party will be contacted, and they will have 48 hours to either book the space or release their hold.

What fees are due upon booking a space?

We require a nonrefundable 50% initial payment of the estimated rental fee along with the signed contract when a client commits to booking a space.

How do we view the spaces?

Site visits may be scheduled during museum business hours with the Facility Rentals Department. Site visits are by appointment only.

What is included in the rental fee?

All rental fees include security guards, engineers, janitorial services, and an on-site event manager. Depending on the space being rented, coat check may or may not be included.

What hours are available for an event?

Event hours are generally between 6:30 p.m. and 10:30 p.m. Access for setup and strike may be scheduled outside of these hours through prior arrangement with the Facility Rentals Department.

Is SFMOMA available for daytime events?

Daytime events are subject to availability. The Gina and Stuart Peterson White Box and Phyllis Wattis Theater may be rented for daytime events. Daytime events are generally between 9 a.m. and 2 p.m.

What is the latest time an event can run?

Events must conclude at midnight. Special arrangements must be made six weeks in advance with the Facility Rentals Department for events ending after midnight and no later than 2 a.m. You will be billed an additional fee.

What is the earliest time the caterer or other vendors can access SFMOMA for setup?

Caterers have access to the loading dock and catering kitchen starting at 2:30 p.m. on the day of your event. Setup of the event space may begin after 5:15 p.m., once the museum is closed and all galleries are cleared.

Is SFMOMA available for events lasting more than one day?

The museum’s facilities are not available for events lasting more than one day.

Is gallery access included in the rental fee?

No, galleries may be rented for an additional fee. All rented galleries will close by 10 p.m.

Are food and beverages allowed in the galleries?

No, only the viewing of artwork is permitted in the galleries.

Can I use my preferred caterer?

You are required to select a caterer from the museum’s preferred caterers list. The list is available from the Facility Rentals Department.

Does the museum provide AV and lighting equipment?

The museum does not provide AV and lighting equipment.

Can I use my preferred AV vendor?

The museum has a list of preferred AV vendors. The list is available from the Facility Rentals Department.

Does SFMOMA provide any event supplies?

No, the museum does not provide any event-related supplies.

Are there any restrictions that apply to decor, music, and entertainment?

SFMOMA has a list of restrictions with regard to decor, plant and floral material, and music and entertainment. Please contact the Facility Rentals Department to request a copy of the list.

Is the venue rentable for just one party, or will there be other groups at the same time?

SFMOMA retains the right to book concurrent events in the museum if there are event spaces that have not been reserved. The museum will make every effort to avoid conflicts when there is more than one group on the premises at the same time.

Does SFMOMA offer discounts for nonprofit organizations?

The museum offers a 10% discount to 501(c)(3) organizations. This does not apply for the months of September, October, and December.

Can SFMOMA spaces be rented for fundraising events, political events, religious events, or events for guests under the age of 21?

Fundraising events may be considered on a case-by-case basis. Political events, religious events, and events for guests under the age of 21 are not permitted.

Is parking available?

Several parking garages are located within walking distance from the museum.