Connecting community.
Sharing inspiration.
Effecting change.

Photo: © Devlin Shand for Drew Altizer

Community Initiatives and Partnerships

We strive to weave art into the fabric of San Francisco, engaging with community and arts organizations, businesses, and local government.

But it’s not a one-way street. Our local arts community inspires us to extend our boundaries and discover fresh and innovative ideas. We’re moved by the projects we see outside our windows and are excited to support them.

Community Initiatives

As part of San Francisco’s vibrant arts community, we embrace our civic duty to influence change. We engage with local government to promote policies in support of the arts. By partnering with local arts organizations and institutions, we’re able to effect positive change across the cultural landscape.

Community Partnerships

As a museum of contemporary art, we strive to be an active part of our local arts community. We believe that the arts are a catalyst for conversation and that shared cultural experiences contribute to a sense of place and communal identity.

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