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Private Guided Tours

Private guided tours are available for individuals or groups of any size. Book a party, friend gathering, or fun date night to enjoy a unique visit to the museum with a knowledgeable art historian.

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All tours are one hour long, but can be extended to include multiple topics or longer in-depth discussions.

One-Hour Private Guided Tour (includes admission)

Ticket Type
Gallery Tour
Special Exhibition Tour
Surcharged Exhibition Tour
Adult $35 $41 $54/56
Senior (65+) $33 $39 $52/54
Age 19–24 $30 $36 $49/51
Age 18 and under $14 $18 $23
SFMOMA Member* $14 $18 $23


Custom tours are subject to additional fees.

Pricing for a group with fewer than 10 paid admissions:

Gallery Tours: minimum charge of $350 for the general public / $250 for SFMOMA members.

Special Exhibition Tours: minimum charge of $400 for the general public / $300 for SFMOMA members.

Surcharged Exhibition Tours: minimum charge of $450 for the general public / $350 for SFMOMA members.

SFMOMA Corporate Members: minimum charge of $450 for a private guided tour.

*Valid for membership levels: individual, dual, and supporter. Contributor and above, please contact For more information about private tours, group visits, or ticket exchanges, check out our Group Visits FAQ and Group Sales Policy.

Choose between our many private guided tour options.

  • New at SFMOMA:

    • Exclusive Early Access Private Tour
      Take in your favorite modern masterpieces on an intimate private guided tour of the galleries before the museum opens to the public. Enjoy the engaging SFMOMA Highlights Private Tour without the crowds and spend your morning with special access to must-see works in our permanent collection and the spectacular Doris and Donald Fisher Collection galleries. Reflect on the amazing art and architecture as your tour concludes in the captivating Jean and James Douglas Family Sculpture Garden on Floor 5, with an option to purchase a leisurely breakfast, coffee, or tea as the museum opens.

      The tour fee is a flat rate of $2,500 for up to twenty-five people and is available Friday–Tuesday mornings from 8:30–10 a.m. Three-week advance notice is required. The Early Access Private Tour is approximately ninety minutes long. The ticket covers same-day general admission to the museum if you wish to extend your experience. Food and beverages are not included.

    Surcharged Exhibition Tour:

    • Andy Warhol—From A to B and Back Again
      On view May 18–September 2, 2019, Floor 4
      Discover a new way into Andy Warhol this summer at SFMOMA. Leave your assumptions about one of the world’s most famous artists at the door, and see the depth and breadth of his phenomenally influential career, starting with his early work as a commercial illustrator, into his early Sixties Pop masterpieces including Brillo Boxes and Green Coca-Cola Bottles, large-scale silkscreens and celebrity portraits, and concluding with late-career experimental works. This private tour will concentrate on Floor 4, with galleries dedicated to Warhol’s vivid Cow Wallpaper and giant flower silkscreens, groundbreaking portraits of New York’s drag and transgender community, and an interactive Silver Cloud installation. Let us guide you to more Warhol exhibition spaces on Floors 2 and 5 to conclude your visit.
      This exhibition was organized by the Whitney Museum of American Art, New York

    Special Exhibition Tours:

    • snap+share: transmitting photographs from mail art to social networks
      On view March 30–August 4, 2019, Floor 3
      Special Exhibition Tour
      Trace the history of sharing images, starting with the first postcard sent from the Eiffel Tower to the first cell phone photo, and discover how the mail art movement of the 1960s and 1970s influenced contemporary social media practices unfolding on the Internet. Then step into immersive installations of photography, such as Erik Kessels’s, 24HRS in Photos (2011) or become part of David Horvitz’s head-in-the freezer work 241543903 (2009–ongoing), a playful project on the circulation of Internet memes. Snapping photos, using smartphones, and taking selfies are now part of our daily lives, but how did society transform the photographic medium over the last century into a participatory phenomenon?  This spring at SFMOMA turn the camera around, and see a whole new way of looking at photographs.
    • The Sea Ranch: Architecture, Environment, and Idealism
      On view  December 22, 2018–June 2, 2019,  Floor 6
      Special Exhibition Tour
      Take a closer look at this transformative development in Northern California, designed in the early 1960s by Bay Area architects and designers as an alternative to homogeneous suburban sprawl. See original sketches and drawings by landscape architect Lawrence Halprin and architects Joseph Esherick and MLTW (Moore, Lyndon, Turnbull and Whitaker), large-scale supergraphics by Barbara Stauffacher Solomon, and archival photographs. Experience typical Sea Ranch interior layout first-hand via a full-scale model of one residence. The Sea Ranch is recognized worldwide for its land stewardship, excellent architecture and unforgettable graphics. Don’t miss this fresh, timely look at a place where progressive ideals and design go hand in hand.

    Gallery Tour

    • Nevertheless, They Persisted: Women in Modern Art
      Delve into the inspiring stories of influential women and female-identifying artists whose powerful works challenge rules, shift perspectives, and deepen understanding of women’s contributions to 20th and 21st century artistic movements, including Surrealism, Abstract Expressionism, and Conceptual Art. Some of the featured artists are household names, others are groundbreaking social commentators you need to know, and all offer fascinating insights on the complicated road traveled by female artists, who persisted in pursuing their art despite personal, professional, and societal challenges. Learn the history of SFMOMA and our visionary founding director Grace McCann Morley, and discover current women artists who are pushing boundaries in exciting new directions. Notable pieces in the tour include Frida Kahlo’s Frieda and Diego Rivera, Lee Krasner’s Polar Stampede, and Julie Mehretu’s diptych HOWL, eon (I, II).
    • The Beat Goes On: San Francisco Artists of the 1950s and 1960s to Now
      Time travel with us to mid-twentieth-century San Francisco to explore the dynamic network of Bay Area artists who embodied the bold visual rhythms of the 1950s Beat era, and later shaped the artistic trends that defined the colors and spirit of 1960s counterculture. Study techniques and the historical context of Abstract Expressionists’ renegade works as they moved away from abstraction toward representational painting, which became the renowned Bay Area Figurative Art movement. Along the way, we’ll understand how San Francisco became a creative haven for the revolutionaries and free thinkers who fed the social movements that transformed our country.
    • SFMOMA Highlights
      The SFMOMA Highlights Tour provides an overview of the museum and its treasured pieces. With 170,000 square feet of gallery space, SFMOMA is a multi-visit destination boasting an outstanding collection of modern and contemporary artworks, all showcased by the inspiring architecture of Mario Botta and Snøhetta. Visitors will explore must-see artworks, conquer the heights of the oculus bridge, breathe in the living wall, and admire the breathtaking beauty of our multiple outdoor terraces.

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