Nobuyoshi Araki’s “more is more” approach to photography

“Photo devil” Nobuyoshi Araki discusses his freewheeling method of capturing his subjects. He describes how rather than aiming for perfection, he embraces all the noise and flaws that come with shooting whatever he is attracted to in a particular moment. Related ideas: More Araki: https://youtu.be/BSPW4ZgE__4 Araki inspires Daido Moriyama: https://youtu.be/uQEDzei15UU Japanese Photographers: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL6LAgXLAqTH-39mtTmeXFgM9UAz-ZSJyB Counterpoint: Judy Chicago on the male-dominated art world: https://youtu.be/_rX-23tHIuw Extreme perfection: https://youtu.be/1Z589aji2LE