Make a Bequest

Making a bequest is the most common way to provide an estate gift to SFMOMA. A bequest is a provision in a will or living trust that directs funds or assets to the museum. It is simple to include SFMOMA as a beneficiary when estate-planning documents are prepared, or to add a codicil or amendment to the provisions of existing documents.

There are various types of bequests:

Specific bequest: The museum receives a specific dollar amount or property as designated.
Residual bequest: After all debts, expenses, and specific bequests have been paid, the museum receives the remainder of the estate or a percentage of the remainder.
Contingent bequest: The museum becomes a beneficiary if certain conditions are met; a typical condition is that certain relatives or friends must have predeceased the donor in order for the museum to benefit from the estate.

Bequests can be made with gifts of cash, appreciated securities, artwork (please note that gifts of art are subject to review and approval by the museum’s curatorial staff), or real estate.

Bequest gifts will be unrestricted unless you designate them to the following programmatic areas within the museum:

For more information, please contact Elizabeth Lani, Director, Legacy Giving, at 415.357.4088 or elani@SFMOMA.org.