Harrell Fletcher and Miranda July; Yuri Ono and  web designer
Learning to Love You More, 2002-2009

In 2002, before the rise of the blogosphere and Web 2.0 platforms, Harrell Fletcher and Miranda July launched a collaborative online project that invited people all over the world to respond to creative assignments. Participants followed the artists’ simple instructions and submitted documentation, or "reports," on their interpretations of each activity to be posted on the website. Examples of assignments include: "Make an audio recording of a choir," "Make a protest sign and protest," and "Take a picture of strangers holding hands." While the project concluded in 2009, the website continues to exist online as an archive.

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Learning to Love You More
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Harrell FletcherMiranda JulyYuri Ono
Date created
digital media
web project (www.learningtoloveyoumore.com) and archive
dimensions variable
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Collection SFMOMA
Accessions Committee Fund purchase
© Harrell Fletcher and Miranda July
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Not on view at this time.

Artists Harrell Fletcher and Miranda July discuss the types of assignments they created for participants in their collaborative online project, “Learning to Love You More.” http://www.learningtoloveyoumore.com

Audio Stories

The artists reflect on their participatory online artwork

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Draw a scene from a movie that made you cry, take a picture of your parents kissing, make an encouraging banner… 



The website is a series of assignments that Miranda and I came up with.  



Artist Harrell Fletcher on his collaboration with Miranda July 



Over this seven-year period, we came up with a total of seventy assignments. All of the assignments were made available to the general public who had access to the internet, to respond to by following the instructions of the assignment, and then turning back into the website what we referred to as a report.  


One of the things that was so amazing about it to me was that we got almost instant feedback. So we could come up with an idea that we thought would be interesting, like, What would happen if we asked people to take a picture of their parents kissing? You know. Like, wouldnt that be interesting to see an archive of that? But it was just an idea. 


And then we would put it on the website, and a week later the archive would exist, you know, because people were responding to it.  



And I think for me, it was one of the— my most favorite things I ever did…  



Miranda July. 



…because It was like, in the simplest sense, all I really wanna do as an artist is put something out and get something back, you know? And like, have a real feeling of connection. And like, you come up— I mean, gosh, the— the complicated ways I come up with to do that, laborious and complicated. And this was, in fact, the simplest thing Id ever thought of, you know? 

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