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Art of California

Greater than the Sum
Featuring artworks made from common objects, this exhibition reveals the alchemies that occur in the process of making — and result in works greater than the sum of their parts.
May 22, 2021–May 29, 2022
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New Work: Wu Tsang Presents Moved by the Motion

Enter an experiential sound installation that explores the concept of the B-side, featuring a collage of spoken word poetry, rehearsal recordings, and more.
Oct 16, 2021–June 05, 2022
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Drawing the Line

Rael San Fratello at the U.S.-Mexico Border
Conceptual architecture projects for a reimagining of the border and the bridging of cultures and communities it separates.
Aug 21, 2021–June 05, 2022
Floor 2

Outward Sight and Inner Vision: Paul Klee and Lee Mullican

Blending earthly and celestial imagery, this focused presentation brings together for the first time meditative works by Klee and early paintings by Mullican.
Dec 18, 2021–June 26, 2022

Julie Mehretu

HOWL, eon (I, II)
Julie Mehretu’s HOWL, eon (I, II) (2017) is an expansive exploration of the American West — its transcendent landscapes and violent colonial history.
Floor 2

Open Ended

Painting and Sculpture, 1900 to Now
This presentation of masterworks and experimental pieces from SFMOMA’s collection of painting and sculptures explores themes that have shaped the history of modern art from the early twentieth century to our own time.
Floor 4

Approaching American Abstraction

This exhibition of selected American artists explores the diverse approaches to abstraction developed since 1950.
Koret Education Center, Floor 2

Center for Asian American Media: Representing Chinatown

New commissions by Macro Waves and Chelsea Ryoko Wong capture the sights, sounds, and textures of Chinatown.
March 24–June 30, 2022
Floor 6

German Art After 1960

This exhibition features single-artist galleries devoted to leading German artists such as Georg Baselitz, Anselm Kiefer, Sigmar Polke, and Gerhard Richter.
Floor 2

A Living for Us All

Artists and the WPA
This radiant, eclectic exhibition offers a reminder of what can be accomplished when art is considered a public resource.
Mar 26, 2022–July 24, 2022
Floor 3


Photographs in Dialogue
This exhibition weaves historical and contemporary voices to tell new stories through the photography collection.
Nov 20, 2021–Aug 21, 2022
Floor 7

Shifting the Silence

This immersive exhibition features works by thirty-two women artists who use the radical, experimental, and defiant language of abstraction to explore the world we inhabit.
Apr 09, 2022–Sept 05, 2022
Floor 7

Susan Philipsz

Songs Sung in the First Person on Themes of Longing, Sympathy and Release
A sound installation that offers a contemplative listening experience for visitors as they enjoy panoramic views from the SFMOMA outdoor terrace.
Floor 7

Speculative Portraits

Speculative Portraits features bold works that expand ideas of what portraiture can be—from an animation of human emotions to an artist’s work encoded in DNA.
Apr 09, 2022–Sept 05, 2022
Floor 5

Contemporary Optics

Olafur Eliasson, Teresita Fernández, and Anish Kapoor
International artists Olafur Eliasson, Teresita Fernández, and Anish Kapoor explore the interplay of color, light, and human perception in large-scale sculptures inspired by environmental and cosmological phenomena.
Mar 19, 2021–Dec 11, 2022
Floor 5

Afterimages: Pop Art and Beyond from the Fisher and SFMOMA Collections

A series of thematic galleries bringing together artists whose work engages with traditions of Pop art from the 1960s to now.
March 5, 2022
Floor 3

Alexander Calder

Dissonant Harmony
Explore how opposing elements and forces attain symbiosis in this presentation of ten dynamic artworks by Alexander Calder.
July 3, 2021–May 2023
Floors 2, 3 and 5

Bay Area Walls

Commissions by Twin Walls Mural Company, Michael Jang, Emory Douglas, Liz Hernández, and more.
Established in 2020, Bay Area Walls is a series of commissions by local artists who actively engage with pressing issues of our time.
Roberts Family Gallery, Floor 1

Pan American Unity

A Mural by Diego Rivera
A project four years in the making: Diego Rivera's last mural painted in the U.S. moves to SFMOMA for a free-to-see presentation.
June 28, 2021–Summer 2023
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