At-Home Art Activity

Tatiana Bilbao ESTUDIO: Collaging a Space Just for You

White chairs surround a white table with glue, white rolls of string and broken ceramic pieces atop it.

Handle with Care: Getting to the Heart of What Matters

Learn about the behind-the-scenes work that went into bringing three interactive artworks, Yoko Ono’s MEND PIECE and Naama Tsabar’s Work on Felt (Variation 11) and Work on Felt (Variation 2), to SFMOMA’s galleries.

Artist to Artist: Jarod Lew and Reagan Louie in Conversation

Photographers Jarod Lew and Reagan Louie interview each other, resulting in a wide-ranging conversation about home, family, their careers, and the impact of Chinese heritage in each of their practices.

Alessandra Sanguinetti The Necklace

The Bonds of Kinship: Love makes for strong pictures

Now on view, the exhibition Kinship: Photography and Connection features six contemporary photographers who share a special affinity with their subjects.

Rinko Kawauchi artist portrait

The Lyrical Aesthetic of Rinko Kawauchi's Photographs

Everyday objects and occurrences are transformed through the photographer’s lens.

Take a Look: Black Panther Newspaper Illustrations

Discover the accessible and provocative visual language Emory Douglas pioneered for the Black Panther newspaper.

Etel Adnan's black and white illustration from Journey to Mount Tamalpais.

"Oh Sunday!": Read an Excerpt from Etel Adnan's Journey to Mount Tamalpais

Journey to Mount Tamalpais reveals Adnan’s deep connection to the Northern California icon.