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Seven Questions with SFMOMA’s Head of Conservation

Lee Conklin portrait

An Interview with Poster Artist Lee Conklin

Learn what it was like to be a rock concert poster artist during San Francisco’s 1960s psychedelic music scene.

Personal Library: Sadie’s Books

20 Books Selected by Sadie Barnette and Grant Williams-Yackel.

A Living Tapestry of Places: The Art of Pacita Abad

Exploring five themes in Pacita Abad’s work: social realism, masks and spirits, abstraction, immigrant experience, and underwater wilderness.

An Interview with Raw Material Mixtape Podcaster-in-Residence Alice Wong

Learn about activist, writer, mischief- and media-maker, and self-described “cyborg oracle” Alice Wong.

Take a Look: Black Panther Newspaper Illustrations

Discover the accessible and provocative visual language Emory Douglas pioneered for the Black Panther newspaper.

Celebrating Artist Joan Brown by Plunging into the San Francisco Bay

Over sixty swimmers participated in SFMOMA’s Joan Brown Jump and Swim honoring the beloved Bay Area artist.