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View of Robert Rauschenberg's Collection highlighting alterations made after it was first exhibited

Related to Collection, 1954/1955

View of Robert Rauschenberg's Collection (1954/1955) with highlighting indicating alterations the artist made after the work was exhibited in Bob Rauschenberg, Charles Egan Gallery, New York, December 1954–January 1955

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The white highlighting in this image outlines additions Rauschenberg made to Collection (then untitled) following the close of Bob Rauschenberg at Charles Egan Gallery, New York (December 1954–January 1955), the first exhibition in which the work appeared. Rauschenberg’s alterations included the addition of layers of fabric and patches of paint across the top, the application of a white swipe of paint that is now the focal point of the center panel, and the addition of a thick squeeze of red paint that crosses the two leftmost panels. This drippy swipe and fat line of paint would become signature elements of Rauschenberg’s Combines, a body of work he created between 1953 and 1964 that bridges painting and sculpture.

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