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Listing of artworks related to Robert Rauschenberg, Sketch for Monogram, 1959

Related to Sketch for Monogram, 1959, from the portfolio New York Collection for Stockholm, 1973

Reference sheet documenting artworks related to Robert Rauschenberg’s Sketch for Monogram, 1959 (1973). SFMOMA Permanent Collection Object Files

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Curatorial Document

Sketch for Monogram, 1959 (1973) is a lithograph based on Rauschenberg’s 1959 drawing Sketch for Monogram. Rauschenberg made at least three preliminary sketches for Monogram (1955–59), a Combine now in the collection of the Moderna Museet, Stockholm, that is one of his most famous works. As the preparatory drawings and early views documented here demonstrate, Monogram evolved through several states. The SFMOMA lithograph is based on the last drawing on the reference sheet.

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