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Installation view of Robert Rauschenberg's Automobile Tire Print, SFMOMA, 2001

Related to Automobile Tire Print, 1953

Installation view of Robert Rauschenberg’s Automobile Tire Print (1953) in Points of Departure II: Connecting with Contemporary Art, SFMOMA, November 17, 2001–June 9, 2002

Research Material
Installation View

In this installation view of the SFMOMA exhibition Points of Departure II: Connecting with Contemporary Art (November 17, 2001–June 9, 2002), Automobile Tire Print is visible on the wall at left in a special frame created by the museum’s conservation department. Among all the works in SFMOMA’s collection, Automobile Tire Print is one of the most frequently requested for loan. This thick, two-sided frame allows the work to travel more safely, and makes multiple display methods possible without disturbing the artwork. The work can be mounted on the wall with one side of the print visible, as seen here, or set on a pedestal so that both sides are visible in the round.

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