untitled, 1989 - Joel Shapiro
Joel Shapiro
untitled, 1989

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Joel Shapiro
Date created
90 in. × 90 in. × 22 1/2 in. (228.6 cm × 228.6 cm × 57.15 cm)
The Doris and Donald Fisher Collection at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art
Photo credit
Courtesy Prudence Cuming Associates, Ltd.
© Joel Shapiro / Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York
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Not on view at this time.

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Curators discuss Shapiro’s balancing figure

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Curators John Zarobell and Gary Garrels. 



So this piece by Joel Shapiro, which is untitled, is a group of rectangular solids that are attached together, and they seem to almost be suspended in midair, as if there is some tension or force thats holding them up or keeping them moving. It has a kind of active, animated aspect to it that makes you imagine that its not just a group of cubes, but in fact, an active figure moving through space. 



This particular work by Shapiro is a very human scale. Theres almost a slapstick kind of quality to it, an almost clownlike quality, that this is someone kind of performing or somebody taken off balance thats gonna have to just catch themselves, to right themselves, to get back in equilibrium. You know, so the sense of possible falling, of contingency, of fragility, is very much embodied in the piece and I think theres a lot of humor in it. 

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