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Devon Turnbull Listening Room Schedule

Devon Turnbull’s HiFi Pursuit Listening Room Dream No. 2 is an immersive audio installation that provides visitors with a chance to experience exceptionally high-fidelity music playback on a completely custom-built sound system. It will be activated by invited operators who are noted music collectors, archivists, and musicians from the Bay Area and beyond.

See below for the playback and performance schedule and check back frequently for calendar updates.

HiFi Pursuit Listening Room Dream No. 2 is part of the Art of Noise exhibition, which presents a history of the visual aesthetics of music, from the graphic design of concert posters to the industrial design of nearly 100 years of radios, stereos, and speakers. Created by multidisciplinary artist Devon Turnbull, who produces audio equipment under the moniker OJAS, this listening room is one of a handful of his “shrines to music.”