Christopher Münch, The Hours and Times, 1991 (still); image: courtesy Christopher Münch


The Hours and Times

Sunday, Oct 15, 2017

4:30 p.m.

Selected by Christine Vachon

“In the spring of 1963, John Lennon allowed Brian Epstein to take him away for four days in Barcelona. It was a chance for John to recharge his batteries. Also, Epstein was gay. Münch’s film is a speculative fiction, based on these facts but with no pretense at Albert Goldman-style faction. Instead, he presents a lively, subtle conversation piece, an intimate dialogue between two very different men.”
Time Out

The Hours and Times is shot in stark black-and-white, and is also absent the color of familiar Beatles tunes. The music that does crop up seems appropriate to Münch’s intentions: a Catalan folk song, some flamenco guitar, Bach’s Goldberg Variations. The Beatles never intrude; this is the story of a fragile friendship at an emotional crossroads, and it’s portrayed with a subtlety and sensitivity that’s rare and refreshing.”
The Washington Post

Film Details

Country: USA
Languages: English
Year: 1991
Running time: 57 min
Format: DCP
Director: Christopher Münch
Screenwriter: Christopher Münch
Producer: Christopher Münch
Cinematographer: Christopher Münch
Editor: Christopher Münch
Source: Antarctic Pictures/Christopher Münch

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