Claire Denis, I Can’t Sleep, 1994 (still); photo: courtesy Photofest


I Can’t Sleep

Part of Modern Cinema: Claire Denis

“Loosely basing her film on ‘granny killers’ Thierry Paulin and Jean-Thierry Mathurin, who murdered a series of elderly ladies in late 1980s Paris, Claire Denis has created a deeply disturbing account of urban alienation. While revolving around the murderous exploits of Camille, a drag-nightclub performer and Raphael, his accomplice/lover, I Can’t Sleep refuses to adopt a moral stance, radically departing from its sensationalist origins.”
— Lisanne Skyler, SFFILM Festival

Film Details

Country: France/Germany/Switzerland
Language: French
Year: 1994
Running time: 110 min
Format: 35mm
Director: Claire Denis
Screenwriters: Claire Denis, Jean-Pol Fargeau
Producers: Bruno Pésery, Fabianne Vodier, Ruth Waldburger
Cinematographer: Agnès Godard
Editor: Nelly Quettier
Source: Arena Films

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