BodyCartography Project, felt room, 2017; photo: courtesy of the artists

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Calling all members and families! Beat the crowds and bring your family on Thursday and Saturday to check out these exciting performances.

Performance All Ages invites you and your family to explore sensory and somatic experiences that ignite the imagination with three performances from BodyCartography Project.

felt room

Floor 1, Phyllis Wattis Theater

felt room is an installation designed to conjure imagination, speculation, and perception. Entering a darkened space, participants experience the energy, intimacy, and imagination that comes alive in the absence of visual stimulation. Explore the range of your many other faculties for knowing and imagining the world around you, as dancers move in and out of the darkness.

action movie

Floor 1, Evelyn and Walter Haas, Jr. Atrium
Floor 2, Helen and Charles Schwab Hall

Reimagine your understanding of your surroundings, including the architecture of SFMOMA. This one-on-one performance activates the senses and encourages deep connections with the surrounding environment. It is a practice in making magic through the simple act of walking and opening and closing our eyes.

Lineage (by Otto Ramstad)

Floor 1, Evelyn and Walter Haas, Jr. Atrium
Floor 2, Helen and Charles Schwab Hall

This new performance from Otto Ramstad uses movement to explore the connections between the artists’ artistic lineage and ancestral heritage. Join us for a creative investigation of relationship, family, and artistic inheritance.

Program notes available here.

Select programs presented in conjunction with Robert Rauschenberg: Erasing the Rules are made possible with support from the Robert Rauschenberg Foundation.

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