Photo: Charles Villyard

Performance All Ages

The Pattern and The Tangle

Saturday, Oct 1, 2016

11 a.m.

Is peace a process or an end goal? This weekend, Performance All Ages and artist duo Lucky Dragons invite you and your family to explore how we define and achieve peace.

Join us as Lucky Dragons introduces two drop-in activities. The Pattern explores techniques like meditation and mindfulness through an artist-designed journey in the museum. Take a moment to slow down and consider your own internal experience as you walk the path. The Tangle calls participants to grab onto a massive, colorful, tangled web and work together to unravel it. Drop in any weekend in October through Free Family Day (Sunday, October 23) to explore The Pattern and The Tangle.

For further research into technologies of peace visit useragreement.sfmoma.org with new web-based artworks by Lucky Dragons including an audio piece “The Problem Solver” that examines strategies for peace making, a scrolling treaty collection “Accord”, and “World Unanswered Question” an open and ongoing repository for questions that welcomes visitors to contribute a question.