Everything, 2017; courtesy: Double Fine Presents & David OReilly

Special Event

PlaySFMOMA Mixed Reality Pop-Up Arcade

Thursday, Mar 2, 2017


Do you prefer your reality shaken or stirred? In conjunction with the annual Game Developers Conference, PlaySFMOMA presents a day-long “blended reality” pop-up arcade. Play a selection of avant-garde and experimental games that explore augmented, virtual, shared, fractured, blended, and otherwise mixed realities.

This event not only presents emerging augmented and virtual reality technologies, but also showcases exciting new work exploring what it means to mix realities. Games range from cutting-edge tech to participatory theater, and from open-world exploration to empathy exercises.



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PlaySFMOMA is a museum initiative that explores the potential of games as an emerging expressive medium and participatory mode of visitor engagement.