Akira Thompson, …&maybetheywontkillyou at SFMOMA, 2017; photo: Steve Kaye


PlaySFMOMA + PARK(ing) Day

Friday, Sept 15, 2017

10 a.m.

International PARK(ing) Day is a worldwide annual event that transforms parking spots into public spaces. Created in San Francisco in 2005, the event encourages artists, designers, and activists to call attention to issues in their urban environment. For this year’s PARK(ing) Day, SFMOMA has reached out to local design firms to inspire participation along Howard Street. In conjunction with Noguchi’s Playscapes, we’ll also present newly designed games inspired by Isamu Noguchi’s philosophies of play and his efforts to bring an engaging design experience into public spaces. The games can be found on Howard Street and within the museum.

These games will be presented as part of the PlaySFMOMA initiative, which explores the potential of games as an emerging expressive medium and participatory mode of visitor engagement.

Participating Designers and Design Firms

  • Box Clever
  • Mathias Crawford
  • David Baker Architects
  • envelope a+d
  • Fletcher Studio
  • Tim Lillis
  • Emily Peckenham
  • Susan Ryan
  • Surfacedesign, Inc.
  • Boyd Watkins

Original PARK(ing) Day concept by Rebar.