Richard Ashrowan, Lumen, 2018

Program 4: yes yes yes no no no

Saturday, June 8, 2019

3:15 p.m.

Free for SFMOMA members, (pick up tickets from the Minna Box Office, Ticketing, or Membership).

$10 Cinematheque members

$12 general

Program 4 will feature artists Richard Ashrowan, Lorenzo Gattorna, Lucy Kerr, Courtney Stephens, and T2R/Laura Gillmore in attendance.

This program is dedicated to the memory of Carolee Schneemann (1939–2019).

“Opening with Richard Ashrowen’s gestural Lumen, this program draws inspiration from the legacy of the departed Carolee Schneemann. These introspective films examine familial, filial, and romantic love, and love that is fading, blooming, and exorcised. Public and private performance, from the bedroom to the street. Moments of hesitation and connection. We’ve learned the languages of our masters. What geometry of desire will help overthrow the state? Meow. The program concludes with two works by Schneemann.”

― San Francisco Cinematheque


Lumen | Richard Ashrowan | 2018

“A silent 16mm exploration of light and gesture, finding the light, losing it.” (Richard Ashrowan)

To every bird, its own nest is beautiful/A ogni uccello il suo nido è bello | Lorenzo Gattorna

| 2018

“A loving reflection on generation and family, assembled from the filmmakers’ family home movies.” (Steve Polta)

3 Dreams of Horses | Mike Hoolboom | 2018

“Three scenes featuring horses, remembering Jacinto. The first is a daytime forest haunting that winds up at a carousel, the second a rainy street in Portugal, the finale a nighttime vigil of fire and water.” (Mike Hoolboom)

Lydon | Lucy Kerr | 2018

“A minimal exploration of gesture and figure/ground relationship.” (Steve Polta)

Mixed Signals | Courtney Stephens | 2018

“…combines nautical language […] with maritime code poems by American poet Hannah Weiner, […] footage of a sunken ship, and [scenes] from a doctor’s examination [testing] a woman’s motor functions. The various languages […] permeate each other, to create new, strange meanings.” (Ela Bittencourt)

cold soup, raw meat, pubic hair | T2R/Laura Gillmore | 2018

“A performance video for the Instagram era, blurring the lines between methods of laser hair removal and recipes for steak tartare and strawberry soup.” (Steve Polta)

The Bed and the Street | Heather Frise and Mike Hoolboom | 2018

“A love story set in the global anti-austerity demonstrations. As citizens take back their streets, two women meet and fall in love.” (Heather Frise/Mike Hoolboom)

Viet Flakes | Carolee Schneemann | 1965

“Viet Flakes was composed from an obsessive collection of Vietnam atrocity images. Broken rhythms and visual fractures are heightened by a sound collage by James Tenney.” (Experimental Arts Intermix)

Plumb Line | Carolee Schneemann | 1971

“The dissolution of a relationship unravels. Schneemann splits and recomposes actions of lovers in a streaming montage of disruptive permutations: 8 mm is printed as 16 mm, moving images freeze, frames recur and dissolve until the film bursts into flames.” (Electronic Arts Intermix)

Full program details here.

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