Mary Helena Clark, Delphi Falls, 2015


Program 7: a thought comes into your head (like an object)

Sunday, May 21, 2017

2:30 p.m.

Is it you? This program of works explores strange and liminal spaces, uncanny and unworldly. Fragments of surveilled narratives. Imaginary filmic outtakes. Cinematic renderings or ghosts, phantoms, and spirits. Machine eye vision. Hesitating human forms in dematerialized spaces. Physical and narrative gestures lead to more questions as the tape continues to roll. Are our thoughts our own?

—San Francisco Cinematheque


Orpheus (outtakes) (2012) by Mary Helena Clark

Palms (2015) by Mary Helena Clark

Delphi Falls (2016) by Mary Helena Clark

Displacements (2015) by Anton Ginzburg

Chipping Off, too (2015) by Karissa Hahn

A Rendering (2016) by LIMITS

Cyclical Refractions (2016) by J.M. Martinez

Traces (2014) by Erin Weisgerber

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