Guillaume Vallée, Le bulbe tragique, 2016


Program 8: the photon doesn’t give a damn

Sunday, May 21, 2017

5:30 p.m.

Ranging from subtle emulsive photochemical magic and found footage poetry to aggressively asserted diatribe and chillingly detached electronic landscape study, the films in this program envision mediated spaces beyond our grasp. Uncanny visioning systems, familiar yet alien. Cinema technologies past and future, for us, by us, with us, and without us. Welcome to the machine.

—San Francisco Cinematheque


Last Train (2016) by Dianna Barrie

Reworlding (Elizabeth) (2016) by Alison Bennett, Jeremy Martino, Greg Penn + Autumn Royal

Ultraviolet (2015) by Anton Ginzburg

Les larmes d’Eros/The Tears of Eros (2015) by Andrée-Anne Roussel + Guillaume Vallée

Answer Print (2016) by Mónica Savirón

Wedding Song (2016) by Mónica Savirón

Le bulbe tragique (2016) by Guillaume Vallée

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