Nevin Aladağ, Resonator Wind, 2019; courtesy the artist and Wentrup, Berlin; © Nevin Aladağ; photo: Trevor Good

Sound Experiment 2

Related Exhibition New Work: Nevin Aladağ
Part of Sound Experiments: Musicians Play Nevin Aladağ’s Sculptures

Friday, January 31, 2020

1:30‒2 p.m.

New Work Gallery, Floor 4

Free with museum admission.

What if a mandolin, a bass, and a guitar all shared a single body? How would it sound if they were then joined with drums, chimes, and didgeridoos? Artist Nevin Aladağ’s most recent sculpture series, Resonator (2018–present), combines musical instruments from around the world as abstract geometric forms to create new sounds. Throughout the run of Aladağ’s New Work exhibition, join us for the series Sound Experiments, which features the improvisations of Bay Area musicians performing with the sculptures on view.


Chris Cooper
Derek Gedalecia
Kim Nucci
Paradise Osorio
Dawson Timpany

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