2000 SECA Art Award

Rachael Neubauer and Kathryn Van Dyke
February 2–June 12, 2001

Every two years, SFMOMA recognizes the achievements of one or more Bay Area artists of exceptional talent and promise through the SECA Art Award — the culmination of a process consisting of nominations, slide reviews, studio visits, and discussions between SFMOMA’s curators of painting and sculpture and SECA members. This year’s exhibition honors Rachael Neubauer and Kathryn Van Dyke, who together offer an indication of the depth and vitality of contemporary Bay Area art through their distinctive and highly accomplished work.

2000 SECA Art Award: Rachael Neubauer and Kathryn Van Dyke is funded by the Society for the Encouragement of Contemporary Art, an auxiliary of SFMOMA. The cash prize is made possible by the Robert Huston Memorial Fund.

Kathryn Van Dyke, Knowing You, Knowing Me, #2, 2000; courtesy of the artist and Stephen Wirtz Gallery