Half-Life of a Dream

Contemporary Chinese Art from the Logan Collection
July 10–October 5, 2008

This selection of contemporary Chinese art from the Logan Collection reveals a spectrum of individual responses to the utopian dreams that have been driving Chinese society since 1949. Approximately 50 paintings, sculptures, and installations spanning 1988 to 2008 convey a sense of the shadows, masks, and monsters that have haunted the China’s collective psyche during its process of modernization. The exhibition offers insight into the post-Tiananmen Square art and cultural scene, and features a diverse range of artists, including Ai Weiwei, Fang Lijun, Li Songsong, Liu Xiaodong, Zhang Huan, and Zhang Xiaogang.

Lui Xiaodong; Fat Grandson, 1996; collection of Vicki and Kent Logan, fractional and promised gift to SFMOMA; photo: courtesy the Logan Collection; Liu Xiaodong