New Work

Edgar Arceneaux
August 12–November 27, 2005

The latest exhibition in the recurring New Work series features artwork by Los Angeles-based Edgar Arceneaux. Much of Arceneaux’s work is fueled by his fascination with language and his interest in establishing unexpected connections between words, objects, places, and people. Works from his recent project Borrowed Sun invoke jazz musician Sun Ra, conceptual artist Sol LeWitt, and the Earth’s sun, juxtaposing representative elements of each and opening up newfound associations. The installation incorporates a variety of media — from drawing to sculpture to film — and artistic processes, furthering Arceneaux’s ongoing exploration of the ways in which we come to know and experience the world.

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The New Work series is organized by the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art and is generously supported by Collectors Forum, an SFMOMA auxiliary and the founding patron of the series. Major funding is also provided by Mimi and Peter Haas, Nancy and Steven Oliver, Robin Wright, and the Betlach Family Foundation.

Edgar Arceneaux, Blocking Out the Sun, 2004; collection of John Rubeli, Burbank, California; © Edgar Arceneaux