New Work

Lawrence Weiner
February 20–April 19, 1992

In his work, Lawrence Weiner expresses concepts in the form of words rather than through arrangements of shapes or the physical properties of traditional art materials. Statement of Intent, a piece the artist created in 1969, begins: “1. THE ARTIST MAY CONSTRUCT THE WORK / 2. THE WORK MAY BE FABRICATED / 3. THE WORK NEED NOT BE BUILT.” Following these principles, Weiner conceives of his artworks as nonspecific representations of states or processes, freed from particular physical limitations and open to countless manifestations. Many of Weiner’s textual pieces can take on multiple meanings as they are resituated in a variety of contexts over time. Lawrence Weiner: New Work highlights the artist’s latest conceptual work, which explores two different configurations of a single text.

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Lawrence Weiner: New Work is generously supported by the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art’s Collectors Forum.