New Work

Marilyn Minter
April 1–July 24, 2005

New Work engages audiences with the most innovative expressions of contemporary art. This exhibition features work by New York-based painter Marilyn Minter in her first solo museum show. Minter’s work examines the relationships between the body, photography, and painting, tapping into cultural anxieties about sexuality and desire. This exhibition focuses on her recent works, hyperrealistic close-ups of makeup-laden lips, eyes, and toes, whose luscious colors, glossy surfaces, and immediate subject matter are both seductive and disturbing. While Minter’s images mimic fashion advertising with alarming veracity, her exaggerated gestures subvert it, exposing the pleasures and dangers of glamour.

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The New Work series is generously supported by Collectors Forum, an auxiliary of SFMOMA and the founding patron of the series. Major funding is also provided by Mimi and Peter Haas, Nancy and Steven Oliver, Robin Wright, and the Betlach Family Foundation.

Marilyn Minter; LA to NYC, 2003; private collection; © Marilyn Minter