New Work

Moira Dryer
December 21, 1989–February 11, 1990

Moira Dryer’s first solo museum exhibition, this installment of the New Work series showcases the New York–based artist’s formal vocabulary with flair and wit. Enveloped in a haze of color, paintings based on Dryer’s fingerprint—enlarged and fragmented into repetitive, swirling lines—recall whirlpools or topographically mapped landscapes. Alongside these works are her geometric abstractions, which are typically monochromatic and are sometimes enhanced through the incorporation of objects such as wheels and belt drives, as seen in The Perpetual Painting. All are painted on wood; the knots, dents, and splits in the grain are accentuated, adding a sculptural three-dimensionality to each work.

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New Work is generously supported by the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art’s Collectors Forum and the National Endowment for the Arts.