Working Artist Membership FAQ

Who qualifies?

Active, working artists are eligible for a discounted membership at the Individual level (artist rate of $90) or Dual level (artist rate of $160). To redeem the discount, you must show recent proof of your active, professional art practice by providing links or uploading relevant documents.

What kinds of artists qualify for the discount?

Working artists who present verification of their art practice qualify for this discount. Examples include, but are not limited to, painters, illustrators, sculptors, media artists, mixed-media artists, architects, designers, filmmakers, performers, actors, dancers, musicians, vocal artists, and writers. If you have any questions about qualifications, please contact artistmembership@sfmoma.org.

What information do I need to provide?

Working artists must present proof of their recent art practice via web form. Acceptable proof includes (but is not limited to) the following, and is at SFMOMA’s sole discretion:

  • Link to a website (not a social media page)
  • Proof of participation in a show or exhibition (program, link to the show, installation images, or media review/article/press naming the artist)
  • Proof of having sold art, designs, or art services (e.g., detailed invoice)
  • Representation by a gallery (commercial gallery, co-op, shared art space) with a listing on the gallery’s webpage
  • Other proof per SFMOMA approval

What is the discount?

A discounted membership at the Individual level (artist rate of $90) or Dual level (artist rate of $160) is available. This is a $40 discount.

What if I am a current member?

You will be eligible for this discount at your next renewal by filling out this web form or by contacting Member Services at membership@sfmoma.org.

Who can I contact with questions?

Email us anytime at artistmembership@sfmoma.org.

What are the benefits?

Learn more about SFMOMA membership levels and benefits.

How do I activate my membership?

Complete our web form, providing details and proof of your art practice. SFMOMA staff will review your submission and email you once approved with instructions on how to activate your membership.

How long will it take?

After submitting the web form, SFMOMA will contact you within five business days with instructions.