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Artists Kenyatta A.C. Hinkle, Sahar Khoury and Marlon Mullen Win SFMOMA's 2019 SECA Art Award

Released: April 05, 2019 · Download (274 KB PDF)


The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (SFMOMA) announces the recipients of the 2019 SECA Art Award, selected from a list of 16 finalists:

Kenyatta A.C. Hinkle’s interdisciplinary practice explores “the historical present,” her term for the persistent residue of history in contemporary life. Sahar Khoury transforms discarded materials into sculptures animated by freewheeling experimentation and personal narrative. Marlon Mullen takes magazine covers as his primary source imagery, translating them into vividly painted abstractions.



Since 1967, the SECA (Society for the Encouragement of Contemporary Art) Art Award has honored more than 70 Bay Area artists with an exhibition at SFMOMA and an accompanying publication.

The award distinguishes Bay Area artists whose work has not, at the time of nomination, been accorded substantial recognition from a major institution. Recipients of the SECA Art Award are chosen by SFMOMA curators after a series of studio visits attended by SECA members. For a list of previous awardees, click here.

Sahar Khoury, Untitled (Vase on Vase on Block), 2017; private collection; © Sahar Khoury; photo: Becca Barolli


Sadie Barnette

Craig Calderwood

Sofia Cordova

Brett Goodroad

Nicki Green

Kunlin He

Porpentine Charity Heartscape

Kenyatta A.C. Hinkle

Sahar Khoury

Dionne Lee

Marlon Mullen

Ramekon O’Arwisters

Clare Rojas

Davina Semo

Christine Wang

Karla Wozniak



The 2019 SECA Art Award exhibition at SFMOMA is curated by Linde B. Lehtinen, assistant curator of photography, and Nancy Lim, assistant curator of painting and sculpture.

“We are pleased to work with artists who represent such broad perspectives and demonstrate the rigor and inventiveness taking place throughout the Bay Area art community,” said Lehtinen. “The work of these artists is so present and alive. We look forward to featuring their vibrant practices in the upcoming exhibition,” added Lim.

Marlon Mullen, Untitled, 2018; courtesy the artist; JTT, New York; and Adams and Ollman; © Marlon Mullen; photo: Charles Benton


On view November 2019 through April 2020, the 2019 SECA Art Award exhibition will be presented in SFMOMA’s California galleries on Floor 2. Each artist will have a dedicated gallery.



The exhibition will be accompanied by a publication edited by Linde B. Lehtinen and Nancy Lim that includes essays on the three 2019 SECA Art Award winners.



illy is the Presenting Sponsor of the 2019 SECA Art Award: Kenyatta A.C. Hinkle, Sahar Khoury, Marlon Mullen. Generous support is provided by Concepción S. and Irwin Federman and SECA (Society for the Encouragement of Contemporary Art), an SFMOMA art experience group.

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