Open Call: The 2022 Soapbox Derby at McLaren Park

Design, Build, and Race Your Dream (Soapbox) Car!

Our Open Call has now concluded! Check back for updates in early March.

When it comes to the car concept, don’t worry about perfection! Rough sketches and doodles are more than welcome. Just like the rest of the Soapbox Derby racers, winners of the open call will receive official guidance and rules of the race from SFMOMA, plus a $1,000 honorarium to cover the cost of materials. After the race, the car is yours to keep — and you just might win an artist-designed trophy, to boot!

Here are the three requirements each vehicle in SFMOMA’s Soapbox Derby must meet:

  1. Roll: Your vehicle must be gravity powered; no motors allowed. The hill is at a 10.78% incline. We will not have a ramp, so you will have to push start your car.
  2. Stop: You must be able to stop your vehicle; thus, it needs a functioning brake system.
  3. Steer: You must be able to turn and safely steer your vehicle down the curving hill of McLaren Park’s Shelley Drive.

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