Magritte Home Movies

In 1956, Magritte purchased a movie camera and, in the following years, made numerous short films featuring himself, his wife, their friends, and even their dog. Magritte’s home movies were sometimes scripted, but rarely had discernible plots, instead stringing together a series of strange and unrelated actions. Bringing Magritte’s iconic imagery to life, the films feature actors mischievously substituting real apples for their painted counterparts or reenacting entire compositions. These snippets of Surrealist collaboration showcase Magritte’s playfulness, prompting his friend Louis Scutenaire to observe, “Perhaps he was never more happy than when handling the camera.”

René Magritte Home Movies; © Charly Herscovici, Brussels / Artists Rights Society (ARS), NY

René Magritte: The Fifth Season
May 19–October 28, 2018

This exhibition, the first to look exclusively at René Magritte’s late career, examines his most important bodies of work from the 1940s through the 1960s, and shows how they marked a fundamental shift in painting from Modernism to our own time.

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Highlighting Magritte’s ability to question what we see and what we know, these stories reveal the artist’s acute awareness of the paradoxes at work within reality and the role of mystery in art and life.

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