Winners of the 2023 SFMOMA Annual Pumpkin Contest

At SFMOMA, we like to get in the Halloween spirit by hosting an annual pumpkin decorating contest among our staff. Ask anyone, and they’ll tell you the competition can get pretty ripe, thanks in large part to the creativity and wit of our colleagues.

This year, fellow staff voted on each other’s best-in-gourd creations. Take a look at the best picks of the patch below and Happy Halloween from SFMOMA!

1st place

Isabella King, Bacongo VI Jack-O-Lantern​, 2023


2nd Place

​Kayla Pierce and Jesse Walton, Of Two Minds, 2023


1st Runner Up

Natalya Skomorovsky, Kusama-Mama (Pumpkin Cake with Pecans and Chocolate Ganache), 2023

2nd Runner Up

Sydney Sibelius, Dreaming of a Gourd’s Sphericity, 2023

Check out this year’s creative contenders below (in no particular order).

Heather Sanchez, Ode to Sadie, 2023
Wolfgang Tillmans & Anders Clausen, Uncarved, 2023
Gwendolyn Hasse, 1963-2023, 2023